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Bookkeeping is a vital part of running your business! There are countless benefits in performing  bookkeeping function in your small business to ensuring its success.

So why would you need bookkeeping? Think of this:

  • Do you know how much your sales were this month?

  • What was your operational expenses vs. overhead expenses?

  • Is your business profitable?

  • Do you have enough cash to pay your employees, vendors, etc?

  • Do you know who owes you money and how much?

How would you answer the above questions if you are not keeping your books properly?

Allow us to tackle the headache and frustration and give you your time back so you can focus on growing your business to the next level. We understand that not everyone can perform bookkeeping function efficiently as each of us have own set of skills we are good at. We will keep your bookkeeping up to date and ensure you have  an accurate financial picture.  Leave technical accounting to us the experts and give yourself a breather to enjoy running your business and connecting with your customers.

Bookkeeping services  not only save you time but they save you money. Did you know that a full time in-house bookkeeper can cost you between $40k-$50k annually plus benefits and employer portion of taxes.

Outsourced bookkeeping is only a small fraction of that.

Speaking of taxes, bookkeeping makes for a smoother tax process. When you have reconciled and up-to-date Financial reports, filing taxes is just a breeze. We are ready to serve you, contact us today!

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